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4 tips to improve your newsletter

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Wondering how to have more readership for your newsletter like bees to honey?

Here’s an article from a writer (from Ukraine) who focuses purely on email marketing. His motivation is to share with small business owners the ins and outs of email marketing that can ultimately help them in their business.

We are glad to have his permission to share his knowledge here. Welcome Nick O’Brien!


p.s. Editing is made to the original article to suit Singapore readers.

4 tips to improve your newsletter.

Exploring and researching on the competitors help in your thought process and planning. You’ll find out the weaknesses in others newsletters while at the same time discover interesting ideas.

Think for your prospects and readers

What is interesting to share? What valuable tips to provide?

How to figure out what to share? Here are 4 advices on how to do that.


1. Dive Deep

If you’re a company marketer then visit your sales department.

Talk to managers, make some calls. Try to visit clients. All these can help you understand your clients better.

2. Transform

I know of a retail shop owner who occasionally works as the courier. He is interested to meet his customers. Through the conversations with them, he could better understand what they want.

If this owner can do the job of a courier just to get closer to the clients, I don’t see a reason for us not to do so.


3. Listen

Visit forums or communities where your prospects communicate. Pay special attention to the topics where problems are brought up and resolved.

See how they request for assistance and how they are being helped. Don’t try to find something, just read.

Such information will help gain you necessary background and even sources of the problem.

Visit conferences. Listen to speakers and observe the kind of questions attendees ask.

This simple step will help you dive deeper and figure out the needs of your prospects.


4. Useful tips or words of encouragement?

Define what type of information you want to give to your subscribers.

Is it to inform and advice or to encourage them?

You may think that such motivational articles won’t have a place in a serious business environment.

Remember that you can create an emotional overtone of your newsletter. (To excite, to give hope) Regardless of the nature of the business.

As Heinrich Heine said: “We are all naked under our clothes”.  Deep down, we need encouragement and approval, not just hard facts and data.

The challenge is how to deliver positive emotions to the readers. Then through that, open up the readers to your solution. Here are some ideas for you.

a. Thematic Jokes

For example you can send jokes about patients & doctors if your subscribers are doctors.

Jokes about sales managers if business leaders are your readers.

Sometimes, hard truths are easier to receive when they are presented in a humorous way.

b. Case studies

True stories about your market, followed by your opinion, or even solutions.

These can range from incidents to bloopers to success stories.

c. Advices to problems

You can create a series of advices to challenging situations like “How to work with a problematic customer”.

It can be a serious article or you can add a bit humor to give it more impact.

d. Tell a right story to the right audience

Telling a story targeted at sales manager? Let it be a detailed conversation between a sales manager and the client over a particular situation.  Like a detailed case study.

For stories aiming at sales executive, it could be a collection of short stories that briefly describe about the type of clients and how to manage them. Still a case study, albeit more general.

The main point? Direct the right story to the right audience.



Dive deep into your clients. Listen to your clients.

Define the path of communication in your newsletter.

Express their concern and challenges, provide solutions in a way that is easy to absorb.

Whether it’s meant to be useful or motivational, it’ll give them hope and something to look forward to.


Author: Nick O’Brien
Editor: Kok Wai

Original source


What do you think of today’s article? I’d love to hear from you.

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