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A Serious Question

Is Your Online Presence Ready to Fight Against the Super Villains?

Online Presence Audit
Now, this audit may not be comfortable for everyone.
It can reveal the strength and especially the weaknesses.
But if you would allow us to do an audit report for your online presence -website, FB page, LinkedIn page – you will then see what kind of improvement ( and superpowers ) we can do for you.

To get your FREE Online Presence Audit, just fill out this form with your name, email address and up to 2 online assets (website URL, FB or even an e-brochure you share by email). Then click the button below, and I’ll dive in and rush out the basic report within 3 working days. For a face-to-face video call* in-depth review & consultation with actionable tips, there’s a $150 fee. (from pre-Covid rate of $300. Zoom meetings does save us some cost)

*due to Circuit Breaker measures since 7th Apr 2020


But before you go any further, you need to know I can’t help everyone. I take on only a few action-oriented superheroes at a time because there are a limited number of the best assets available and I want to be sure you will get the very best report.

Here’s what to do if you are ready: To see if this is a good fit for you to transform your website to magnetise your prospects, just fill up the form above and click Send. If it seems like a great fit, I’ll encourage you for an in-depth paid consultation.

You’ll be surprised what a one-off $150 review and consultation can do to your business. E.g., how would a 5% increase in conversion do to your business?

I worked with The Pufferfish and Kok Wai to undertake an online audit. Kok Wai’s feedback and suggestions in both the written report and the follow-up meeting were clear, easy to follow and strategically well thought through. 
More specifically, we received advice and examples that focused on changing my website to be clearer with my company’s offering and to make it more mobile friendly, all of which are things we have begun to immediately implement.
Andrew Parker, Wasabi Consulting
–  –  –
Kok Wai really understands the challenges and needs of SMEs. I have the privilege of being his client; he made me see things I could not see, in a way that is non threatening. The website, advice and guidance he helped me do and provided me with was very good. I am engaging him again for something else related to web content. He is really good!!! And I mean it, cos someone said that last week too!!

Kevin Nehemiah Phun, The Centre for Responsible Tourism Singapore

Online Presence Audit

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