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D’OH! Email marketing bloopers

By September 17, 2015 September 27th, 2017 No Comments

*** Vote for the email marketing faux pas that you are dying to know. Right at the end. ***

Like Homer Simpson would let out when he did something idiotic.


I just had my ‘doh!’ moment 2 days ago.

In the adrenaline rush of trying something different, I forgot to research and made a technical error.

For the past few days, this one error kept my brain running in overdrive mode when my body tried to sleep.

It’s the email sent on 10 Sept entitled, “Do not read this if you are successful already”.

I kept checking for the email statistics, and the 2 big fat ZEROS kept staring at me.



Email marketing tracking failed because it's a plain text email.



Yes, the Opened and Clicked Rates show 0% despite how vigorously I clicked on the refresh button. See, I’m such a techie, right?


2 days ago, I found out that all because it was a plain text email, nothing was tracked.

I do not know the open rates nor the click-thru rates.

It’s like BBQ-ing in a 500 PSI day. You know you are cooking meat, but you can’t see if it’s done or not. Smoked Salmon anyone?


Most Important lesson in email marketing

Send only HTML email because your email autoresponder software won’t be able to track the plain text email.

Insist on a minimal and basic look? Send it as HTML email with minimal or no formatting. No bold, underline, colour, font size… nothing, kosong.

Minimal format HTML email will look basic and personal, yet trackable.


Plain Text email can hurt the open and click rate as you won’t have any statistics to rely on for the subsequent broadcast.

Let’s dig out more painful email marketing bloopers / faux pas/blunders we would want to avoid.

Again in the spirit of doing something different, let’s vote.

Click on one of the topics you are most interested in. The one with the highest vote gets to talk about first!

1. From Line – Who or What to put and why? (my name or company name)

2. Subject Line – Now can I put my company name here? What else to look out for?

3. HTML or plain text or hybrid?

4. Others: Tell me more about this other concern on email.

Alright, be email-safe.

P.S The voting is only available between 17 – 22 Sep 2015, mostly exclusively for our email list.
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