Webinar Series

Evolving Retail Trends

How does retail look like post COVID-19 ? Do we wait out or do we push the frontier?

Compressed 60min Zoom Webinar

Thursday, Nov 12 (Session Over)
Friday, Nov 20
(4pm – 5pm Singapore Time)

Online Via Zoom
(On your mobile, tablet or desktop)

What is this webinar about?

2020 has been a big surprise for everyone with accelerated change due to the pandemic and the retail sector has not been spared.

Disruption became real and re-tooling a necessity.

O2O was the way to go. How has Covid-19 impacted retailers and what are the trends, driving forces that emerge?

Come for this webinar to clue in on the change curve, to be prepared to adapt and embrace the new normal.

Tickets @ $29 on sale now.

About the Speakers

Della Ng

As a creative consultant and curriculum designer, Della aims to inspire and help businesses and individuals reach their fullest potential, to meet commercial and social goals in an experiential, positive and nurturing learning environment.

Corporate Experience
With more than 25 years of experience and exposure in the corporate world and being an entrepreneur, Della has been privileged to work with diverse groups of people at all levels, managing strategic and tactical roles.

She held key leadership positions with various portfolios in companies on a growth strategy such as Sentosa, G2000 Apparel, Wing Tai, Dickson Marketing, Chomel and Leonard Drake.

As an international facilitator and speaker, she had opportunities to host and speak at various events in countries like Australia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Singapore, etc., giving her insights and expertise to manage and engage a captive audience.

A professional consultant, coach and trainer, Della covers both technical skills and soft skills, specializing in communication skills, servicescape, customer management and clienteling, sell through storytelling, emotional intelligence, leadership and motivation, retail skills and creative skills applied to product styling, visual merchandising, fashion and floristry.

Sin Kok Wai

Kok Wai is a published photographer and content producer at ThePufferfish Pte Ltd, and an MOE-registered freelance media trainer.

His experience since 2000:
Phase 1: Graphics, web and interactive design (why a business should look good online)
Phase 2: Digital photography and videography (why every image is crucial) + media trainer
Phase 3: Content Creation/Marketing (what kind of story to create and where to show it)

As he interacts with CEOs, bosses, small business owners, marketing executives, and even celebrities, he gets a better and deeper understanding of the purposes and reasons for the creation of imagery and different content. Such experiences help him to be able to advise his clients in the image and content creation process.