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Business System

D o you have a business system?  One that enables many franchises business all around. The boss can be golfing while the staff is toiling away to keep the well-oiled machine spinning.

But how to start a business system so that you can plug people in, train and they run it?
While this is a topic by itself,  generally start by recording the processes for each repetitive work.
It could be a video screen grab, or just plain old word document noting down the precise steps of doing a process.
Anyone who picks up the instructions should ideally be able to execute that process.
Eg. How do you look for prospects,  how you prepare an order and transfer that into delivery.
How do you run thru a prospect from being a lead to endorsing a piece of work?
Outsource work that does not give you any ROI, so you have more time to do things that give ROI.

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