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How to explain online ads / digital marketing to… your parents (or anyone clueless about internet)!

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Parents are fun. They have been thru a lot and experience even more. Their vast knowledge of everything always amazes us, except for anything internet.

So, this beautiful day came my parents and me. After a simple lunch at a food court brought coffee, started with a few simple catch up.

And then, it came, “So what are you doing now? Looking for a a job?”

101 things rushed in my mind. How am I going to explain what I experienced over the decade and what I’ve learnt over 3 years and squeeze them into a few minutes without losing their attention??

Well, I couldn’t. I used the most technical way to explain.

Did it work? Maybe 20%.

I hope.

Fast forward the next day.

How the brain works are amazing. The next morning, this analogy came to my mind. Thank God for minds that work even when we sleep!

Let’s go with this story.  A guy is looking for a date (hopefully future spouse). Where and how is he going to that?

Real life (RL) : Online advertising to find customer
Analogy (A) : Guy looking for date – future spouse

RL : Looking to land on a client via digital marketing albeit clueless
A : Looking for the suitable girl out there, somehow.

RL : Organic, free listing, forums
A : Joining a group of guys in a men’s club, waiting for a girl to drop by.
> The guys ended up playing snooker, playing video games etc.
RL: Meager chance of click-through happening. Not to mention any conversion. Slight possibility of collaboration between companies, at best.

>The girl may go to the most ‘charming’ guy.
RL: Low hit rate. There are so many other competitors for the customer to choose from. If anything, the best offer and or product clinches the deal.
From experience, most listing and forum visitors are there to fish information and quotation to make up 3 quotes. They may already have a vendor to work with. This equates time wasted on quotation and pitching. 

“What about paid ads?”

RL : One size fits all generic paid ads targeting at EVERYONE.
A : Paying to join any activities that the guy knows.  Tennis, movie club, wine appreciation. He looks presentable, BUT he is in the same outfit for ALL the occasion.
RL: Looks like an effort is made but just praying hard something will happen. Usually no response, let alone conversion.
Feels defeated and declares that online ads do not work.

RL : Paid ads targeted a specific audience.
A : The guy wants to target girls with interest in tennis. So he wears like a tennis star with all the right gear, goes to the few tennis clubs he can afford to.
RL: This makes better sense. The money will be better spent by targeting at the right places where the potential customers would hang out.

RL : Targeted paid ads with crafted copy, intention and strong call-to-action.
A : The guy has zeroed into this particular girl he is fond of. Plays tennis, loves Japanese food, watches comedy, reads Life Without Limbs and most importantly, single! Now he reads up on all that the girl likes and spends what he can to visit that club for the next whole month! Don’t you think he’ll be able to engage that girl soon?
(no we don’t advocate stalking. That’s wrong!)
RL: This is the best case scenario. Research is done on the type of audience we want as our customer. Knowing who he is, how he is like, what he likes means that the content of the advertisement speaks to him directly. Not only that, but the offer will also be focused on his needs. This highly increases the hit rate of the ad as it speaks directly to the target audience. With a good landing page (sales page), it can convert this lead to a sale!

This is just one of the ways to turn cold leads into a customer.

Want to know how else we can help you turn cold leads into your list? One that ultimately forms a trusting relationship for that relationship sales?

contact us for a non-obligatory consultation no-sales-pitch session.
(don’t wait anymore, the other guys/girls are getting their date!)



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