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How to truthfully change your FB Page name

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I hope none of you will encounter this in your marketing tango with Facebook.

“…your request doesn’t meet our guidelines…”

This dreaded sentence followed by the heart-wrenching,

“… create a new Page with a different name,”

I’m talking about changing your Facebook Page’s name after you have more than 200 hard-earned Likes.

What would you do?


*Note: Today’s topic is mainly about changing Facebook (FB) Page’s name and an underlying principle on how FB monetize ads.

If you are not doing FB Page or ads, it’s ok to skip today’s read and jump right onto help Like my wife’s blog shop FB page.

She hand-picks and sells kids party goodie gifts, tested and approved by kids!

Many thanks in advance!


The Story

I’m helping my wife with a blog shop that she’s taking over.

It started solely as a Facebook Page.

Along the way, it got a brand name (OUURS) and a beautiful website. (It’s now a popular Qoo10 shop.)

The problem was, the brand name OUURS is different from the name of the FB page.

The rule is, FB only allows one change to the Page’s name once there are more than 200 Likes.

All you have to do is submit a request to change the Page’s name.

Or so we thought.

The Resistance!

2 rejections later, we were advised to either only have a minor change to the name (like removing or adding a word) or start a new page.

The explanation was that it could be confusing to the people who liked the page.

Removing or adding a word isn’t an option.

Start a new page???

That is not a good news especially when the previous owner has already garnered more than 600 Likes over the few years.

And they have already been directed to for shopping before.

How Now?

Re-invite current fans to the new page?

Lead Generation campaign to attract new fans to a Page with ZERO Likes?

Create new content all over again?

Or appeal?

After running around like a headless chicken,  an important fact was raised.

Thinking from the perspective of our FB fans, we decided to appeal.

And it was a success!

The logical re-appeal

I believe the 3 points that were raised made it possible.

Point 1

The fact that the Page is still about a business that sells the same thing as before.

We are just doing a rebranding together with the launch of a new series of products that cater to our audience.

Point 2

We supported the appeal with stats about our audience. Stats that rebuked their convenient ‘confusion’ explanation.

(yeah, this is where my little research expertise comes in.)

Point 3

Some background understanding of FB’s believe helps a lot.

This last point, I guess is what they would like to hear most.

Even when it is said subtly.

Once you get that underlying principle that guides FB, it will help a lot. This at the end of the article.

That we got the right audience and to get their attention we …

I’ll let the screenshots do the talking.

Change request and suspected auto responder...

Change request and suspected autoresponder…

We confirm we want to change the Page name. Now a real human responded and rejects the change.

We confirmed we want to modify the Page name. A real human responded and rejected the change.

The supporting 3 points that help to fight the case.

The supporting 3 points that help to fight the case.

Win! And saved many unnecessary effort to start a new Page. Thank you Josephine!

Win! And saved many unnecessary efforts to start a new Page. Thank you, Josephine!


Oh yes, that underlying principle that guides FB.

As long as your Page generates interest for your fans and they respond, you are in FB’s favour.

More so when users respond positively to your ads. That’s how FB makes money, isn’t it?

Yes, I know this article may be a little dull, but if this can help even one of you, it’ll make my day!

Let me know?

*** Latest as of 9 Jul 2015, SG time ***

Facebook is going to separate ad rates for clicks within internal and to external sites.

Ad that promotes onsite traffic (Likes, Comments, Shares) vs one that leads the user out of Facebook (to your website, landing page etc.)

It could mean either cheaper rates (if you are driving traffic within FB) or pay more to get your fans to your website.


Kok Wai

Author Kok Wai

Kok Wai is a content producing marketer, media trainer at Kelvin Sng Productions, a dad of two and photography contributor to multiple magazines. A sponsor of B60 Charity Run 2017, Kok Wai's goal is to help busy and ambitious business owner focus on running their business even with their limited time and lack of marketing know-how. He especially loves kids, playing the guitar, and exploring with software. You'll find him pondering on the exhilaration of securing two more good clients on a retainer basis. Connect with him on Facebook (thePF)

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