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New Facebook mobile profile to benefit your business in 2015

By October 1, 2015 September 27th, 2017 No Comments

Facebook Mobile Profile great for retail business

This is exciting!!!

Mobile profile feature just unveiled by Facebook great for retailer’s peak season!

Many businesses, especially retailers, will benefit greatly from this changes.

(Think endless free ads on your FB page!)

As we write, this is undergoing testing in UK and California.

You can read from Facebook Newsroom here.

Let’s talk about what it means to your business.

Especially small business if you are using personal Facebook (FB) account to promote.

For the established business, it’s a fantastic news if you have been or is thinking about advertising on FB.

In a while, we’ll make sense of how these mobile profile features can help to increase visitor’s engagement for business.

First, a very quick sum up of the features and the unseen benefits if you advertise on FB.


Features in Facebook mobile profile

1. Profile Video

Now you can record 7 sec worth of video and use it for your profile! No more boring static portrait photo!


2. Bio

Like LinkedIn, your bio info such as work, country of residence, etc will appear right after the profile photo/video. No longer it’s buried in the About tab.


3. Temporal profile photo

Just like your auto vacation email message, but in picture form.

Going on vacation on 30-31 Feb 2016? Set a photo that only shows on those 2 dates. After which, it’ll revert to your original photo.


4. Mobile-focused design for profile

Everything about you will be centred, large and focused so that you can have more creative space to better present yourself.

For more a detailed write-up on the features and comments, check out TechCrunch


The real beneficiaries of Facebook mobile profile – Your Business

Notice that since the 2010 overhaul in FB, there has been massive data collected from the users.

That translated to the ability to laser target the ads to the right audience based on their profile.

Now, with these profile changes, as Techcrunch has reported, it means:


1. Users are going to update their profile photo/video and check out their friends more regularly.

Even more time spent on FB = More exposure to ads.


2. Knowing that friends are going check out the user’s profile photo, the user would be motivated to update their Bio too since it’s out in the open now.

Peer pressure to update Bio  = More complete and up-to-date FB user profiles.

New and engaging profile photo/video means more updates means more eyeballs means even more conscious effort to update profile and bio … ultimately means FB is going to have relatively current user’s profile data and users’ increasing time spent on FB.

Business that advertises on FB are definitely going to benefit from these mobile profile changes.



How to increase visitors engagement using these mobile profile features


Which brings us to the most important part of this article.

How can your business make good use of these upcoming features for their FB page?

At this moment, none of us knows if these features are going to FB Page or Group. So the suggestions below are purely for the business that is using a personal account to promote.

For e.g. estate agents, financial advisers, trainers, coaches and etc.


1. Profile Video

Use it as an animated banner ad! Movement always attracts eyeballs.

a. Use it for an important message ;

We help the business grow by 1000% in 1 year. Call us!

b. Or any great offer;

3rm condo… in prestigious location … fine finishing … only S$xxx k


2. Bio

Now you can let your visitor know what you do and perhaps even be creative with this space by integrating offers!

Instead of the usual:
Head coach at Mega Coach International…..

Exclusive 30min speed coach session at Mega Coach International

It’s like Ad words for free!


3. Temporal profile photo

I believe many business owners already know what to do with this.

A super FREE platform to present your limited-time offer. You just set the schedule, and it’ll be done for you.

Example, have a specific profile photo just for the Christmas season.

Another free ad space!


4. Mobile-focused design for profile

If you want your website to keep prospects and attract more customers,  this would be a gentle reminder for business to change your website to a mobile-friendly, responsive* site. If you haven’t already done so.

*responsive = design responding freely to any screen size and platform. No more unwanted horizontal scrolling!

Imagine this.

After having experience your FB profile page that looks great on the mobile, drawn in by your offer, click on your business URL only to face an awkward website from the 80’s 2010?

Slow to load, tiny text, messed up formatting.

All your free ads and efforts to doll up your FB profile would be gone to waste.

You can learn more here about the damaging effect on your business if it is still not mobile friendly.

Here’s another respectable source on the importance of website being mobile friendly.

Mobile profile on FB can lead visitors to expect your website to be mobile friendly

Are you considering revamping your website to a mobile-friendly and responsive one? Contact us here for a 30min in-depth discussion on how we can help your business convert more sales.

Only listening and objective advice.


I hope this can prepare you in advance and incorporate into your marketing plan once FB launches these mobile profile features.

Everything is possible!


P.S. I wonder if you have noticed the strange vacation dates in one of the examples.

Kok Wai

Author Kok Wai

Kok Wai is a content producing marketer, media trainer at Kelvin Sng Productions, a dad of two and photography contributor to multiple magazines. A sponsor of B60 Charity Run 2017, Kok Wai's goal is to help busy and ambitious business owner focus on running their business even with their limited time and lack of marketing know-how. He especially loves kids, playing the guitar, and exploring with software. You'll find him pondering on the exhilaration of securing two more good clients on a retainer basis. Connect with him on Facebook (thePF)

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