Outsourcing Those Boring Work

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Outsource, outsourcing your marketing work

E ver considered outsourcing or are you one of those who tries to do-it-all,  struggling to learn from tutorials and get frustrated when things just don’t work out?

You are not alone.
Many of us have tried to do everything by ourselves and it is just not worth the time.
Why not consider outsourcing the following work to people who enjoy it!
1. Things that you suck at.
If you are struggling to install WordPress and customising the template, please, outsource that work!
Don’t spend time and energy working on it.
Spending days figuring WordPress out (or other tasks) cause you more stress and wasting money in the long run.
2. Task don’t like
 ‘No pain no gain’.
Apparently, that ethos does not work here.
If you don’t enjoy like bookkeeping, data entry or even designing your logo, outsource them so you can keep your sanity, and save much time in the process.
3. Task that drains you
Sure you will have tasks that you like, but they are draining the life out of you. Systemise and outsource it.
Here is one simple way to work out what you should outsource and at what budget.
First, find out what the 80% of the task that does not bring ROI is.
Then take the number of hours you would spend on that 80% task and multiply by your hourly rate.
That’s the  budget you have to hire someone or a service to do for you
Outsource work that does not give you any ROI, so you have more time to do things that give ROI.

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