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Email writing can make or break your sales

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You know, you don’t have to stress over writing marketing emails. You like to talk and present. Not a problem. But writing?


You rather give a speech to a room full of CEOs!


Sounds like you? Do you know you can outsource your email marketing writing and delivery to a 3rd party?


Particularly for businesses that require constant email communication with their list.


Like lifestyle business owners, internet marketers and other B2C (Business to Consumer) business. It’s part of the relationship building process with current customers and prospects.


Just make sure you only get the good writers. Not the bad and the ugly SPAM.


Is this article leading to a Call-To-Action for relationship building email outsourced service? Of course, why not?


But, right at the end of this 1000-word article.


Now, this article won’t be focusing on the nuts and bolts of a good relationship building email marketing. Problem-to-solve, the solution and benefits of your solution… nope.


This article is more about the type of styles in writing an email.


I have been seriously digesting emails for at least 4 years. Munching newsletters, email broadcast, from religious, one-time-off product and service Spams, internet marketing, self-help and more.


Thought it would be interesting, to sum up, my observations since not many write on this topic. It’ll be focused on the B2C type of email marketing. Some may apply to B2B (Business to Business).



1. The Honest Few

Self-help and religious type (and a few top-of-the-creme marketers) are the most honest and straightforward. Usually, they are not even trying to sell you anything.


They just give.


But you will still read as it gives you value.


That’s why there’s usually no cheesy subject headlines like “This one thing I did change my life!”(click baits) or canned phrases (see point 3)



2. Mass Email Announcement without Your Permission

Also known as SPAM. The usual culprits are B2B companies who see email marketing as digital flyer distribution activity.


How to spot them

– One-time-off dumping of ALL their information and boasting about the company, oblivious to your needs.


– Expects you to take action by replying the email ‘NOW’ or dialling that number in Red, size 40 font in bold, SOMETIMES ALL CAPS WITH EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!


– One of the WORST email copy written. Just direct chest-beating (out loud boasting. Think King King ) content.


– Also one of the worst design. Multicolour and bold headlines at every other paragraph.


You can try, but please be polite. You don’t wear all your assets to show off on your first date, do you? Take time to woo the right clients.



3. The Canned / Template Writer

The truth is, this group is interesting to read. It sucks you.


You see, humans like cliff-hangers and want to know what’s going to happen next.


To find out the answer, we’ll just keep reading, even though we may not even be the intended prospect! We just want to “close the loop” as they say. Sounds crazy right?


Ok. First I’d like to apologise.


I’m sooo guilty of having canned phrases peppered in my past emails. I’m going through cold turkey treatment to get it out of my system. So please do bear with me.


The truth is, we are what we read, we write what we know. Did I just do it again?


(Noticed the change of tone? Do it sound different from the rest of the article?)


How to spot them

– The popular canned phrases are relatively easy to catch. They sound normal and authentic until you start to see at least 5 other emails from different business starting to sound alike! Phrases like:


– You see (followed by some mighty truth)


– Sounds crazy/crazy right? (After cherry picking the best testimony with out-of-the-world result)


– I know this sounds hard to believe (After the above crazy testimony, offering an incredibly easy action to do to achieve that out-of-the-world result)


– The truth is /  Truth is (Presenting the hard truth that is hard to swallow)


– I’ll tell you more in a bit. (To keep the reader interested while continuing to talk about more examples)


– Heck! (Perhaps this is a tactful expression in place of swearing?)


– No holds barred (Maybe it’s just me, it doesn’t sound normal. It originates from Wrestling! Unless you are speaking to WWE fans, don’t use it.)


I admit, these work well in attracting first-time readers. However, there’s only so many times you can write in this manner before the email starts to get stale.


Imagine every email sounds like this? Crazy right?


Many template style writers would use these phrases. How do I know?


I have been on the list of one of the best internet marketer for years. His writing style is quite consistent. One fine day, one of his particular emails suddenly turned aggressive with lots of canned phrases as discussed above.


It felt, strange. I felt detached.


I gave him the benefit of the doubt, assuming he got his staff to write.


So, do beware if you have frequent email communication with your clients and prospects, and suddenly you decided to get it outsourced. Such sudden change in the tone can be disruptive at best.


Imagine turning off your loyal subscribers with the new aggressive and manipulative tone!


Make sure you brief the writer well.



4. The Genuine

This is the hardest to come by, and yet they are the most authentic.


How to tell

The email doesn’t sound pushy nor does it pump up your emotion unnecessarily. In short, you won’t be able to see the canned phrases mentioned in point 3.


It has class.


It’s like a conversation.


How did they do it? I’ll tell you in a bit.


They are the master storytellers who blend in sales message seamlessly into their story.


They don’t even bother to play any NLP Jedi tricks on you. Just plain, direct, honest highlighting of your challenge and offering of a solution to your problem.


It’s no easy work as there are no templates to work. Just plain old research, knowing your client’s problem and honestly wanting to help.


And yes, it can take days to get one series of email out.


However, the engagement is authentic and genuine. The readers can feel it.


So what? Remember I mentioned about relationship building email marketing?


When readers feel that you are genuine, trust is built. That’s when your email sales conversation rate can go near 30% or beyond.


Pretty good ROI considering you don’t need to pay for every email sent or read as compared to Pay-Per-Click ads.


Everything is Possible!

Kok Wai ( Content Producer )

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