Our Consultants

Our Consultants

Mr Klink Wong Shu Shui

I joined Pathwise Advisory Group in Nov 2017.  Prior to this, I was an RM in a local bank and an agent with an insurance company.  In both instances, I only worked for about a year.  I felt there was something missing in what I was doing, especially dealing with clients but I was unable to clearly identify it.

When I was introduced the concept of Financial Advisory (FA) Platform with Pathwise Advisory Group, I found the missing link. I knew instantly this is the place to be, to provide financial services to my clients.

In Pathwise Advisory Group, we represent up to 15 Life insurance companies, 17 general insurance companies, 45 fund houses and other services like mortgage loan, will writing, etc.

I’m a strong believer in insurance and financial planning. I also believe that there is no such thing called the “best” product in the market and as a financial consultant, I only look out for the most “suitable” product to meet client’s needs.  Financial planning is like a marriage, most of the time, it is not about finding the richest man or the most beautiful woman in the world but to find the Mr or Mrs Right – the one who suits you the most.  Every individual is unique and so is their needs.  As such, in Pathwise Advisory Group, we are committed to design insurance portfolio consists of the most suitable product that caters to our client’s specific needs…

I want to work closely with you, fine-tune along the way, and eventually help you to achieve your financial goals.

Ms Ang Ei Ting

Joining Pathwise Advisory Group has definitely benefited my clients and me.

My clients benefited from the array of products that I have access to. I am able to help clients to compare products based on features and budgets they prefer. Clients understand that my position is neutral since we have the capacity to access different company products. The platform value-adds clients because they save time meeting different consultants from different providers to get information.

Professionally, I have benefited by having a better idea of what is in the market in terms of product features and how the prices vary. I will recommend other Financial Consultants to come and try out this platform for themselves.

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