Based on my retirement objectives and my financial situation at that time, Kenny* proposed a solution in line with my desire retirement age.

With early planning and professional advice, I’m glad to acknowledge that my retirement is secured.
*Kenny, Group Director at SG Alliance representing PIAS, >17 years experience in financial planning

Ms Sandy Nyoe, 39

When I retire at 58 years old with a pension, I didn’t have a concrete plan for my retirement fund. Through Kenny’s advice over the past 16 years I’m now living comfortably in retirement and I’m also able to leave behind a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

Mdm Yeo, Retiree, 74

Before join Pathwise Advisory Group, I was a civil servant for more than 6 years. Joining Pathwise was one of the major and toughest decisions I made in life as I had to step out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith.

The main reason for me joining Pathwise was all because of our group director – Kenny, a visionary leader who believed in grooming any individual to be successful in this financial industry. A strong believer in creating a Win-Win situation in all circumstances.

With his guidance, I learn to be a professional who is proficient in creating value to people around me, and no just a salesman who needs to get people to buy anything from me.

I am glad that I had made the right move to join Pathwise and I am grateful for our team that has always believed in sharing knowledge, expertise, and experiences and this made my learning process at every stage easier.

Klink Wong

Team are fun-loving and serious about their work. I learn a lot from the team and they are willing to share experience and give a constructive opinion.

Kenny has been a supportive leader. (Not sure if you want us to mention you since you are the contact person)

We have our annual team bonding trip in the past 3 years which everyone enjoys and has lots of fun.  We are unable to do this year due to COVID-19 situation but definitely look forward to the next trip.

Our team runs a marketing campaign regularly to support our FCs in lead generations.  In 2020 alone, we had run a campaign like SgCarMart Campaign, Aviva Disability Support Program with QB House and Webinar during Covid-19.  These initiatives keep our confidence in check that we will never walk alone in Pathwise Advisory Group.

Ling Lim

Good support and good environment for FCs to excel in this career. Excellent mentorship and guidance from Kenny.

Joash Tan

The team has a weekly sharing meeting on how to improve on our skills and further enriched to our sales process. I like how the managers have been very helpful and creating campaigns for us to try out even in the testing time of the epidemic.

Jazreel Pang

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