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simple planner

A lways feel like there are too many things to handle the moment you start your workday? Will a simple planner work?

Or should you rely on your gut feel, tackling any fire that comes… but end up feeling none of the important work is done?

I feel you.

When everything seems to be urgent or interesting (including watching a random TedX video your friend LOVE on Facebook ), we have to find a way to get our focus back.

Enters the daily + weekly planner. A simple one that you can track and feel a sense of achievement every day!

The night before, work out the TOP 3 important to-do task.

Every end of the week, work out the list of task for the following week.

This way you’ll be able to get running the moment you start the day, not having to figure out what is more critical or not.

Once the important tasks are done, you will find free time to do other things.

Like checking out that Anti-theft, cut-proof, smart backpack on Kickstarter.


Drop us a note for a template copy of that awesome planner.

A simple planner that you can track and feel a sense of achievement each and every day!


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