Would an online facelift really help your training business?

Of course, it will.
But if your website is less than 2 years old and already converting well, then this offer may not be for you 🙂

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The desire to grow is stronger than a National Day holiday break?

Just like any superhero, you don’t rest on any holiday!

Probably you were maximising your online presence, growing relationships on your social media.

Possibly able to direct some quires to your website.

The 2-3year old (and maybe slow) website.

Maybe it was an integral part of your world-conquering master plan on attracting and impressing the right audience.

Afterall, your website is your 24/7 lead capturing machine.

But surely, your audience has outgrown that dated website?

With no time or resources to do a total revamp, any superhero would procrastinate…

Until now. ( cheezy but true! who on earth does a B2B offer on a National Day? )

“Can I just revamp my website myself?”


Just to be sure, we have the tool just for you!

ThePufferfish, functional website

A fully functional page that moves your audience to contact you!

Here's an invitation to the Superhero Trainer Offer

“Pretty tight budget now…”
A common but legit reason that usually puts that plan to the back-burner.

That’s why this is only an invitation to register your interest in this Superhero Trainer Offer.
There’s nothing to buy at the end of the page.


1. We are not into FOMO selling.
We dislike impulsing buying too.

Plus, laser-focus website/landing page that converts is a serious committment for both parties, not a click-and-buy template.

2. We ain’t sure how to make this offer attractive, yet.
It all depends on the number of takers, and feedbacks.
Could be anything between $500 and $999.90. Plus a few unexpected goodies.

3. I also like to see if we are a good match.
After all, we’ll be diving deep into your business and we are putting 100% into the work.

Remember, you are only registering your interest for the coming Superhero Trainer Offer.

This offer will only be valid to those who register.

Later on, you can decide whether to take it up or not.

Sounds fair?

Fill up the 2-question form below to register your interest!

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