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Now, you too can look legit on all your online profile!

1. Fill in all 18 questions below, don’t skip any of them.
2. Answer all questions in lower caps unless otherwise stated. (So it’ll look right in the final version)
3. Click send and you’ll receive the 1st draft of the Profile right in your mailbox! (Check the Spam box too, just in case)
4. I’ll do an edit (if needed) and reply you with an enhanced ready-to-go version!

Thanks for the improved version! ??

Thanks for the profile generator! The questions really make me think. Which is what I need now 🙂 making my message short & sweet.

Really appreciate this very practical useful takeaway from last evening session 🙂

Hope to see you in future sessions 🙂

Lee Hui FangFounder and Lead Trainer at

SuperHero Profile Generator!