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Style and Create images that Sell!

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3 Sept 2019 (Tuesday)
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Day Session: 2.30-5.30pm
Evening Session: 6.30-9pm

National Design Centre, 111 Middle Rd, Singapore 188969

?Frustrated with dull and same ‘ol images, run out of ideas to paint a beautiful story for your products?

?Or tired of stock images used by many other businesses (or worse, by your competitors), diluting ur brand?

?Hope for a quick turn-around, up-to-date images but too troublesome and expensive to get shots done by professionals?

What about learning the tips and tricks on styling, shooting and editing by yourself, USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE! ??

Selling your designs, products and services online? Want to increase your success rate?

Create photos that sell for you, with minimal skills or no photo studio!

If you sell online, this workshop is for you where you turn normal products into great looking ones even if you don’t know how to style or don’t have professional gears. A great picture makes a GREAT difference! Look around you and see a multitude of pictures online that do no justice to the brand, product or services. For online businesses, images matter to make or break a sale.


Day Session

At this workshop, learn to create photographs that help you sell. Turn ordinary products into great looking ones with creative styling, then shoot and edit with your smartphone before uploading onto social media. The experiential activities let you explore various formats for visual storytelling with different props and backdrop, achieving results that will bring you from raw state to insta-fame.

Evening Session

An express pop-up workshop that goes straight to the heart of creative styling and captivating photography with your smartphone. Great images can reinforce your branding and help increase your sales. Using accelerated learning in a small class setting, you will experience hands-on activities and have a go at styling and shooting your products. With close guidance, you pick up skills and knowledge of visual storytelling, and at the end of the workshop, your edited shot can be ready to upload online.

A collaborative event by: Metacircle International LLP and ThePufferfish Pte Ltd
Facilitated by Della Ng and Sin Kok Wai

Full details and registration here.

Who are facilitating?


Della Ng

Consultant with Givenchy, FJBenjamin, Triumph, Popular, Bata Regional, Manhattan Fish Market, Wildlife Reserves Group, Fuji Xerox, Orchard Central and more.

Based in Melbourne, Della is an experienced international trainer with more than 20 years of retail experience. Her passion in creativity, floristry and visual merchandising has been recognized as an invited speaker at seminars and invited judge at competitions. Being a transformational coach, she is able to cheerlead her participants and clients to scale greater heights with breakthroughs. A self-professed serial crafter, she sets aside time contributing back to the community with her creative skills.

She has facilitated classes from Singapore to Australia to being on a UN Mission to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. She was an invited speaker at Shanghai for the Asian Fashion Federation Conference, as well as a workshop presenter at the Asian Fashion Exchange and has been a guest speaker at the Republic Polytechnic, a keynote speaker for the HDB Retail Seminar.


Sin Kok Wai

Commercial photographer shooting products for Nike, HP, Sony, BP De Silva, World of Watches, a few ad agencies, cook book, magazines and many more.

Photography is not simply snapping and producing pictures. Kok Wai creates the images for every client to connect with the audience. His determination to produce that “perfect picture” has given him opportunities to work with CEOs, celebrities, famous homes, luxury watches to architectural structures of various buildings. With more than 10 years of experience under his belt, he is constantly on the look-out for fresh new perspectives and ideas.

His Graphic Design degree from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (University of Central England) has served him well when it comes to engaging clients with knowledge of executing a photography campaign to creating an image that wows the audience. His deep passion for photography has also spurred him to share his experience with kids and youths in schools, guiding them to develop their talents in photography

He has trained students from 20 MOE schools, entrepreneurs, marketers, and even staff from Singapore Prison Service.

What’s in it for you?

How do the pictures help you to sell? Use visual storytelling through two synergistic components of creative styling and captivating photography to get you likes, followers and buyers, a boost to the business. These pictures convey a message, more than a thousand words. Use them for content creation, too.

Explore styling formats with storytelling props. Master skills and techniques with smartphones and technology for easy phonetography.

The hosts of this workshop are industry practitioners who will share tried and tested ways of achieving results that will save you time and resources from raw state to insta-fame in small simple steps.

Experiential activities have been designed to let you experiment with hands-on practice sessions. Bring your own products to style, shoot, edit for immediate upload to social media right after the class.

Come join us for a fun and interactive session. Seats are limited.

What you will learn

● The styling formats so you can get it right the first time;

● Creative use of props without spending $$$ on them;

● Visual storytelling that leave an impression;

● Smart use of smart phones for photography: after all the best camera is the one in your pocket;

● Basic framing, composition, and ambient lighting tips that make your photos stand out from the noobs;

● Editing image and readiness to share on social media, all with your handy mobile, not desktop!


What you will get

● Battlefield tested notes and checklist to plan and organise your product shoot;

● Tonnes of ideas and examples for inspiration;

● Rare opportunity to set up flat lays and table top displays;

● Professional guidance and feedback during practical sessions;

● Assisted photo shoot, images ready to use;

● One follow through post-course visual audit.

What to prepare?

What to bring

● Your cheerful, creative self;

● Selected products of your own that you may want to use for a mock up shoot. Bring some props to enhance the display. Should you not have your own products or are unable to bring, let the facilitator/s know and alternatives can be provided;

● Your smart phone with sufficient memory space, a fully charged battery and bring additional power bank, for just in case situations.


What to wear

● Casual wear

● Preferably come with covered-toe footwear for safety reasons

I loved Della’s enthusiasm, energy and knowledge. I am taking away a lot of tips on VM (visual merchandising) and am certainly encouraged to study and learn more about VM and operations.

Zuzana IStones that Rock

Kok Wai really understands the challenges and needs of SMEs. I have the privilege of being his client. He made me see things I could not see, in the way that is non-threatening. The advice and guidance he helped me do and provided me with were very good. I am engaging him again for something else related to web content. He is really good!!! And I mean it, cos someone said that last week too!!

Kevin PhunLecturer and practitioner in Sustainable Tourism

Terms & Conditions

  • By attending the workshop, participants would allow the event hosts to take and use photographs that may include any participant for publicity and promotion.

  • Participants agree to receive lesson content updates and special offers/events, which can be unsubscribed anytime.

  • Please note that payment is to be made in full prior to commencement of the course to confirm a seat on a first come first serve basis.

  • Cancellations made less than seven days’ notice before the start of the course will forfeit 75% of the paid class fee.

  • Participants withdrawing after the course has commenced are not entitled to a refund.

  • If the participant is unable to attend, the workshop booking may be transferred to another person by notifying the facilitator/s.

  • In the unfortunate event that MetaCircle International and/or ThePufferFish have to cancel the class, a full refund will be given or an alternative class will be arranged.

  • The facilitators reserved the right to make any amendments to the course content without notice.


1. Compare to some workshops, this looks expensive

We understand how you feel.
We know there are cheaper or even free ones (like Apple’s or Canon or Nikon).

They are fine.

What makes us different is, we each have at least 14 years in our respective industry. (styling and photography)

Della is a Visual Merchandiser and consultant based in Melbourne, her clients include:
Givenchy, FJBenjamin, Triumph, Popular, Bata Regional, Manhattan Fish Market, Wildlife Reserves Group, Fuji Xerox, Orchard Central, Carrie K, Singapore Retailers Association, Moto World and more.

Kok Wai has shot products for Nike, HP, Sony, BP De Silva, World of Watches, a few ad agencies, a cookbook, many local magazines and many more.

So we are not just trainers per se. We are practitioners who like to share.
What we share are tried and tested hacks.

Sometimes we let loose a few trade secrets without knowing ?

With the hands-on, we don’t just leave you to explore, but help to set up and troubleshoot individual product shoot.

In short, participants like yourself are getting pro help at a fraction of the pro fees.
Like a group tuition ?


2. What’s so different about the workshop?

First, we encourage participants to bring their products so the hands-on will make sense to them. We had people bringing hand bags, tee shirts, jewelries, and even a helmets plus motocycle racing suit!

Second, you’ll have 2 professionals helping you with your shoot, on a proper studio set up.

Third, you’ll bring home battlefield tested checklist and notes so you’ll know what to do when you are ready to do your shoot.

Next, Della will share with all, how to find suitable props without cringing at the price tags.

One more… we have follow-through access after the workshop!



3. Other questions?

Drop me an email or Messenger me